20 Reaction GIFs that Perfectly Represent Anime Fans

1. When the opening song is on point

Free!: Rin Matsuoka, Makoto "Mako-chan" Tachibana
90 seconds of awesome beats are the perfect thing to get you in the mood for the upcoming episode. Plus, when you hear it again years later, it will be one powerful trip to nostalgia.

2. When you decide on a favourite character

Ore no Imouto ga Konnani Kawaii Wake ga Nai: Kirino "Kiririn" Kousaka
“Well hello there…” There’s always that one character that will mark the entire series for you; make you laugh, cry and dread the thought of anything bad happening to them. But that moment when you decide on your favourite is priceless!

3. When you notice a plot hole

Ao no Exorcist: Rin "Son of Satan" Okumura
Not much is as annoying when watching an anime as realising that things just aren’t adding up. Worst of all, there’s nothing you can do to fix it…

4. When the dub voice is strange

Kill la Kill: Nonon Jakuzure
The character suddenly sounds 20 years older? The villain’s voice makes dogs bark? Yeah, we’ve all been there. And because dubbed versions are in a language that most fans understand, any bad acting is immediately evident.

5. When the animation looks like it was done by toddlers

Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon: Kenji Tsukino
You can understand why a studio may not have had enough of a budget to make that explosion look real, but you can’t quite understand how one eye could take the place of the opposite ear, or why a character suddenly has three fingers.

6. When you’re watching a badass fight scene

Nichijou: Hakase "Professor" Shinonome
Some tough talk, weapons are drawn, the obligatory wind has arrived, and dangerous music is brewing the background. There is nothing better than fighting scenes done right!

7. When your favourite character dies

Kuroko no Basket: Tetsuya "The Phantom Sixth Member, Tetsu, Kurokocchi, Kuro-chin" Kuroko
Let’s not even go there… What is the point of watching the rest of the series? And why was that other character able to survive a stab wound and a cliff fall?

8. When the main character ‘levels-up’

Uchuu Kyoudai: Apo
And you know things are about to go down! The previous 14 minutes were just a build-up to this moment anyway. Fight!

9. When you’re waiting for the next season to start

Hyouka: Eru "Chi-chan, Chitandael" Chitanda
Sure I could be productive and do something else with my life. OR, I could re-watch the previous season again and spend weeks on an online forum discussing everything that could happen in the next season.

10. When you’re sitting through fillers

Hyouka: Houtarou Oreki
I mean who doesn’t want to see 15 episodes of beach trips, festivals, and new characters that will never be seen again?

11. When someone interrupts you while watching anime

One Piece: Luffy "Mugiwara, Straw Hat, Lucy" Monkey D.
Can you not? Please return to whatever it is that you consider a normal life to be and let me decide on who my waifu is.

12. When people ask why you’re watching ‘cartoons’

Uchuu Kyoudai: Mutta "Mu-chan" Nanba
So it started about 10 years ago with a rainy day and a side of YouTube I had never seen before…

13. When you try to imitate a character in real life

Nichijou: Mio Naganohara
Admit it, you’ve tried the shinobi run. It doesn’t look as cool in real life does it?

14. When you can’t wait for the sub, but don’t know any Japanese

Ouran Koukou Host Club: Kyouya "Mommy, Shadow Prince, Low Blood Pressure Demon Lord" Ootori
Maybe the eyes will tell me the story. I get the gist, but not why she suddenly grew wings…

15. When the story is too deep

depressing gif
You weren’t expecting to get hurt. You just wanted to relax and crack a smile, not to re-think all of your life choices!

16. When you see spoilers

Noragami: Yato "God of Calamity, Delivery God, Yatogami, Yatty"
Tag your spoilers! TAG THEM!

17. When there’s a hot character on screen

drooling no game no life jibril
Yea s/he’s animated, so what? I don’t care if my friends see me drooling on my computer.

18. When a character you hate is on screen

Hunter x Hunter (2011): Biscuit "Bisky" Krueger

19. When you can recognise the seiyuus and the production co. without looking it up

Chuunibyou demo Koi ga Shitai!: Sanae "Deko" Dekomori
Sure, you won’t put it on your resume, but that’s one heck of a skill.

20. When a series ends and you need to get back to reality

Angel Beats!: Yuzuru Otonashi
I am never ready to return to a life where flashy expressions and costumes are frowned upon.