Five Figure Fridays – Code Geass

Code Geass Art Rinkya
This is a public service announcement by the Britannian ministry of culture. All hail Britannia!

There are only a few anime that are as recognizable as Code Geass. This is the show that made a lot of people realize just how awesome anime can be. Airing from April 6, 2008 to September 28, 2008, this anime series was created by Sunrise, directed by Gorō Taniguchi, and written by Ichirō Ōkouchi. The original character designs were provided by the manga authors Clamp. The story follows Lelouch in his quest to destroy the kingdom of Britannia. This amazing series produced some unforgettable figures and we are here to show you some of them!

5. Code Geass Bandai SQ C.C. Yukata Figure

Code Geass Bandai SQ C.C. Yukata Figure Rinkya
We are opening this week’s list with the figure from Banpresto and their SQ line. In September 2011, Bandai released this game prize exclusive figure of the mysterious C.C. from the acclaimed Code Geass. In case you are wondering SQ stands for the Special Quality and while looking at this C.C figure we must concur that it is special indeed. The figure is a PVC figure that is 13 cm (5.07 inches) tall. With this figure C.C. is shown wearing a lovely purple yukata while sitting provocatively with a secretive smile. You can own this unique figure of the Pizza Hut loving character for only about 23,380 yen (~226 US dollars).

4. Code Geass Air Cavalry Lancelot Complete Model Figure

Code Geass Air Cavalry Lancelot Complete Model Figure Rinkya
We are continuing our list and this time we have a figure Suzaku’s knightmare- Lancelot. Released in April 2008 by Bandai, this figure is a part of Bandai’s Mechanical Complete Model line. The figure is a complete model so no assembly is required! The Lancelot frame is 15 cm (5.9 inches) tall. The figure is highly poseable and features a ton of additional content! Two pairs of Maser Vibration Swords (inactive and active modes), two types of V.A.R.I.S. rifles, two Slash Harkens with bendable wires so you can display them in action, a Float System backpack attachment, two alternate hand parts and a stand so you can pose the frame in air are all included with this figure! If that is not enough for you, there is a sitting Suzaku figure that can be put into cockpit and a mini figure of Zero himself. This figure is yours for only about 31,300 (~309 US dollars).

3. Code Geass Alpha x Omega Kururugi Suzaku Knight of Zero Figure

Code Geass Alpha x Omega Kururugi Suzaku Knight of Zero Figure Rinkya
On our next spot we have a figure of Lelouch’s childhood friend and Lancelot pilot, Kururugi Suzaku. This figure , sculpted by Piron, depicts Suzaku from the series’ second season in his knight of Zero outfit. The figure was released in April 2012, as a part of the Alpha x Omega line which is actually a collaboration between MegaHouse and Alter. Suzaku is a 1/8 scale PVC figure that is 23 cm (8.97 inches) tall. This Suzaku figure comes with detachable right arm and he can be posed with or without his sword and his cloak. The piece itself and all of the accessories have been done with great care and stand as a testament to Piron’s skill. Get it for only about 40,660 yen (~393 US dollars).

2. Code Geass Project BM! Zero Action Doll

Code Geass Project BM! Zero Action Doll Rinkya
Next item on our list is none other than the enigmatic Zero! Lelouch’s alter ego is a part of the Project BM! line which is a collaboration between Bandai and Medicom Toy. The action doll was released in October 2008. The body of the doll was sculpted by Keisuke Sawada while the real fabric clothing was done by Mieko Akimoto. While we are talking about his awesome clothing it is important to note that the cloak and the jacket have wire frames inside them so you can pose them however you like! The new “skiny body” was used to give Zero authentic look and feel. The doll is about 30 cm (11.8 inches) tall. The doll also comes with the mask of Zero, two additional hands and a stand. Zero can guide your collection for about 40,660 yen (~393 US dollars).

1. Code Geass G.E.M. Emperor Lelouch Figure

Code Geass G.E.M. Emperor Lelouch Figure Rinkya
And so what better way to finish this list than with the figure of the Emperor Lelouch! This pre-painted PVC figure was released by MegaHouse in December 2011 as a part of their G.E.M. line. The figure portrays Lelouch in all of his regal glory. Lelouch was sculpted by Kunihito Iwamoto while the painting was done by Tc. This 24.5 cm (9.64 inches) figure comes with three different head attachments (stern, worried, geass using), a removable hat, a removable cloak and a stand bearing Lelouch’s name on it. Lelouch compels you to get him for only about 43,970 yen (~425 US dollars).

So, this has been our picks for the top Code Geass figures we have in our store. We hope you found some to your liking and for the glory of Britannia, go buy them!

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