Five Figure Fridays – Inuyasha

Hello friends! This week on Five Figure Fridays it’s an Inuyasha themed article! The Inuyasha manga series by Rumiko Takahashi ran for 12 years, from 1996 to 2008. It also spawned two anime series and a couple of movies. The series follows the adventures of Kagome Higurashi from modern day Tokyo who gets transported to the Sengoku period where she meets the titular half-demon dog Inuyasha. Today we are going to be guiding you through some of the best figures the series has produced.

5. Inuyasha Kotobukiya Sango Figure

Inuyasha Kotobukiya Sango Figure
Dashing onto our opening spot is the figure of the brave demon slayer, Sango. This figure of Sango was released in November 2005 by Kotobukiya. Itou Reiichi, the sculptor of the figure, decided to show Sango in a dynamic pose where she has taken an attack stance while clutching her signature weapon Hiraikotsu. Her cat-demon Kirara is of course right by her side. The Figure is 1/8 scale, 13 cm (5.11 inches) tall, is completely pre-painted and made of PVC and ABS. This rare figure of Sango can be a part of your collection for around 7,600 yen (~73 US dollars).

4. Inuyasha Figma Kagome Figure

Inuyasha Figma Kagome Figure Rinkya
The second figure on our list is of the shows main heroine Satsuki Higurashi. The figure was released in April 2010 by Max Factory. Kagome was sculpted by Asai (APSY) Masaki. The figure is a part of the renowned figma line and possesses its signature poseability. This completely pre-painted figure is made from ABS and PVC and it stands around 14 cm (5.51 inches) tall. As with all figma figures, the smooth poseable joints allow various scenes to be recreated. Kagome also comes with her bow and a special hand attachment for it and a quiver with six arrows. Besides her bow, Kagome also comes with an interchangeable ‘warm smile’ face and a more serious face. To own this Kagome figure, you will have to pay up to 11,250 yen (~108 US dollars).

3. Inuyasha Kotobukiya Sesshoumaru Figure

Inuyasha Kotobukiya Sesshoumaru Figure Rinkya
Next on our list we have a figure of the main character’s half-brother Sesshoumaru. The powerful dog daiyōkai was released in November 2005 and then again in January 2010 by Kotobukiya. This is a 1/8 scale pre-painted PVC and ABC figure that was sculpted by Mirano. Sesshoumaru is extremely well sculpted and faithful to the source material. The figure is 22 cm (8.58 inches) tall. Inuyasha’s brother comes not only with a special display stand but he is also armed with his Toukjin and Tenseiga swords! Own this figure for about 24,780 yen (~233 US dollars).

2. Inuyasha Toynami Inuyasha (Open Mouth Version) Figure

Inuyasha Toynami Inuyasha (Open Mouth Version) Figure Rinkya
We are continuing our list with the main protagonist Inuyasha. This figure of Inuyasha comes from Toynami and it is a part of their Series 1 line. Toynami released this figure in 2004. It’s needless to say that this figure is extremely rare. The 15 cm (6 inches) tall figure comes with two versions of Inuyasha’s Tessaiga (Tetsusaiga) sword. So, with this figure you will get Tessaiga in its sealed katana form, which also comes with a scabbard and Tessaiga in its True Fang form. Get this Inuyasha figure for only around 25,530 yen (~245 US dollars).

1. Inuyasha Toynami Inuyasha Human Version Figure

Inuyasha Toynami Inuyasha Human Version Figure Rinkya
The first place on our list belongs to the one and only protagonist of Inuyasha – Inuyasha himself. This limited-edition figure of Inuyasha in his human form was released by Toynami in 2004. Only 2000 of these special figures were made to be split among SDCC, Wizard World Chicago and the Anime Expo. This Inuyasha figure is approximately 15 cm (approx. 6 inches) tall. Inuyasha in his human form comes with two versions of Tessaiga, the sealed katana form and the True Fang form. To own this figure worthy of Inuyasha, you will have to pay up to around 30,635 yen (~294 US dollars)

We hope you enjoyed on this quest for Inuyasha figures! Untill the next Friday, enjoy!

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