Gurren Lagann to Celebrate Its 10 Year Anniversary With Rebroadcast


Screenshot from Gurren Lagann. Gainax.

The wildly successful, critically acclaimed epic Gurren Lagann is celebrating its 10 year anniversary by being rebroadcast on three Japanese TV stations. What better way to commemorate the occasion than by giving more people the chance to bear witness to the spectacle that is Gurren Lagann?

TOKYO MX and BS11 will both begin their rebroadcast from July 5th, whereas ABC Asahi Housou will start theirs a week later on the 12th.

Over its lifetime, Gurren Lagann has spawned numerous properties including movies, light novels, games, manga, and even stage plays. The last major Gurren Laggan related release was disappointingly revealed to be a Pachinko game, after a new project was teased with a special website.

Source: Anime Recorder