The best credit monitoring services in 2021

11.10.2020 demonw

It is vital for customers to have a credit report with good background, especially when it comes to the situation that a lot of entrepreneurs will make use of your credit score to accept your applications. Thus, there are a lot of services that help you monitor your credit report to be alert. You can then be sent alerts of any changes made to your credit on time so that you can respond suitably and timely.

What is more, monitoring credit can also assist you in detecting if there is any signal of identity theft, which is considered to be one of the most important issues. You had better save your credit from being attacked, otherwise you will end up even having a big debt in your name and only you are responsible for the damage.

There are so many credit monitoring services out there; thus, you should take a careful look at the fee charged monthly or annually.

The most highly – recommended service: Privacy Guard

Privacy Guard is a credit monitoring service for you to focus on your credit reports as well as scores. Every day, you will receive alerts via text message, mail or call at any time there is a change made to your credit report.

For the first two weeks, customers are offered a trial by Privacy Guard with only 1 dollar. As soon as they decide to go for Privacy Guard, they will be charged monthly in accordance with the plan they opt for. The basic ID protection feature is offered with around ten dollars each month. This function is able to look for any signal of identity attack through controlling both public and dark websites as well as other records. The plan of Total Protection costs about 25 dollars each month and comes with all the functions such as Credit protection and ID protection plans.

The service with a lot of security offerings: Identity Force

Identity Force comes with two major identity and credit control products. First and foremost, the Ultra Secure plan comes with only identity monitoring services, whereas the Ultra Secure Plus Credit plan is able to control both identity and credit simultaneously.

The Ultra Secure plan, which costs around 17 to 18 dollars each month, comes with a lot of valuable features to manage your individual information as well as send alerts to you in case your information is risky. With this plan, you are also provided with one million dollars for identity theft insurance, which is really helpful in case of the unexpected.

On the contrary, the Ultra Secure Plus Credit Plan costs around 24 dollars each month or about 240 dollars annually. This plan comes with all precious features to protect your identity as well as a credit simulator for you to follow your actions and see if those actions influence on your whole credit score.

The most versatile service: Identity Guard

In general, this service has currently been utilized by over 40 million clients during more than 20 years since its first release. This credit monitoring service offers customers ID theft protection for their credit reports. Users are able to opt for Value, Total and Premier Plans for themselves or for their family. Like other current plans, this one also comes with one million dollars for identity theft insurance. In case your identity is attacked, you will work with a case manager to resolve the problem. Moreover, clients have a mobile app to have approach to their membership information, receive alerts for their personal information, monthly credit score and many other features. The price varies from 9 dollars to 25 dollars for individual needs and from 15 dollars to 35 dollars for family requirements.

A valuable service for family: Experian Identity Works

Experian is among the biggest credit bureaus, which introduced the Identity Works credit monitoring service that can control all three terms of users’ credit reports. Apart from being able to control the credit scores or reports as well as send signals for identity theft, Identity Works also offers a lot of other identity monitoring services for credit. Moreover, it has the ability to scan the dark web for your own information, detect if there is any crime in your name and so on.

The price starts from 10 dollars for one adult and if you buy a plan for you and up to 10 children, you should pay from 15 dollars or more and so on.

The most reliable credit score: myFICO Ultimate 3B Credit Monitoring

Most lenders are taking advantage of FICO Ultimate 3B credit monitoring service in order to take control over their credit scores. With this service, customers will receive immediate approach to their credit report as well as 28 versions of their credit score used in credit card lending or mortgage. What is more, the credit reports as well as scores are continuously updated each 25 minute in order to keep users aware of their credit scores. Moreover, they will also receive signals in case of any changes to their individual information such as new accounts, new addresses, new changes to the total balance and so on. In terms of price, this monitoring service costs its customers from 30 dollars each month or 329 dollars each year. Customers are allowed to cancel the service at any time they want.

The best single monitoring service: TransUnion Credit Monitoring

With this service, users will get credit monitoring services on a monthly for their TransUnion credit score as well as credit report. They will also receive signals if there are any changes to their accounts which they can see from their credit reports. For instance, they will receive notifications in case that a new account is activated under their name or the balance in their credit card increases. Last but not least, the cost for this credit monitoring service starts at about 20 dollars each month, which is a reasonable price.

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